2024 YNG Identifier Card

  • Either the Official KBF or YakNGrass Identifier Card is required for all YakNGrass tournament events.
  • When printed at 100% scale, each card on the sheet will measure approximately 3.75″ x 2.5″. At this size, the cards will fit in the TourneyTag2 and most other 4″x3″ waterproof poly ID sleeves.
  • At a time specified by the tournament director, the tournament identifier code will appear in Fishing Chaos. Write that code into one of the boxes on the ID Card for your fish measurements to be scored on tournament day.

Note: Currently, a KBF Identifier Card is required if you actively competing in a KBF Challenge or Trail Series that runs concurrently with a YakNGrass event.

2023 YakNGrass Identifier Card

ID Card & Code Clarification

Where do I find the Event ID for a YakNGrass event? During the Captain’s Meeting, the tournament director will announce what time the Event ID will be published. After that time, log in to Fishing Chaos, and navigate to the event. At the top of the event page there will be a contrasting color stating “Your Identifier Code is Ready”. Click on “View Identifier Code” to access the event code. Make sure to write the code into one of the boxes provided on the ID Card.

If I lose my ID Card, can I improvise? No, you can not write the code on your hand or a piece of paper. The ID Code must be written, or printed, on either the YakNGrass ID Card or the current KBF ID Card. Please carry multiple copies of an authorized ID Card in case you lose or damage one during the tournament.